As we have seen and experienced some important dynamic advancements of technology, the screen printing industry now plays a wide range of pivotal roles in innovation and technology more than ever before. The advent of new architecture, furnitures, interior design, electronics, IT products, as well as all daily manufactures constantly encourages us to fit into a novel field of innovation just like the first color television did; it surely presented us a whole different type of realization. Developing from simple painting industry to dynamic screen printing industry, prospects of the field are both promising and challenging today.

       Samsung Huetone is a screen printing ink manufacturer company, producing a state-of-the-art quality of ink for textiles, ceramics, lumber, metal, glass, various plastic products, and films with our expertises in adhesion technology in global extent.

       Solvent and oil based inks that are widely used today have consistently been a negative result in terms of labor, security, sanitation, and environmental concerns. PVC products, which have been necessitated by many consumers, now confront a series of international regulations due in primarily to its destruction of ozone layer. Therefore, developments of non-PVC, non-platicizer, odor-free solvents, UV ink, water-based ink have taken place as strategic reponses for rising limitations.

        UV Ink has especially proven itself to be an essential element of the printing industry for its transparency and solidity. UV ink was once used in advertising and laminated printing, but it is now widely utilized in various furniture and cellular phone for its conveniency in terms of work efficiency.

        Thanks to continuous investments in new INO ink, we now enters a new era of development in a global network. New INO ink has made it possible for our glass ink to succeed in low-temperature drying and superb adhesion and be implemented in electronics, architecture, and furnitures. Ink that is suitable for metal, non-metal, PET, acryl, MDF, hard-coated materials, and waterproof materials is in process for an upgrade of products.

        Especially, screen printing technology is a field of industry of delicacy as it widely reaches its extent to stencil making, screen mesh, photo emulsion, squeegee, printing machine, drying machine, washing, dilution, gold, silver, pearl and pigments.

       There is no doubt that the very influence of the Chinese market, which has established a tremendous ground for resources with its gigantic population, will be critical to the outlook of any firm in terms of technology, price, information, service, and speed.

     Samsung Huetone is committed to cost reduction, product development, and new information in response to the needs of customers. With our technology lab established in Kyungkido Paju-Si, technical consultant in Seoul Euljiro, as well as the online on web page, we would like to welcome all online and offline.

       Samsung Huetone will consistently drive for increased responsiveness to customers through the world's network and guidance in technology.

President Bumjung Kim