SCD UV ink is mostly used for CD, DVD, and screen printing ink, and it is hardener-adhesive by UV light. It is recommended for accelerated printing for its rapid hardening process, high gloss, and excellent adhesiveness on lacquer. Thixotropy is also excellent, and the ink can be applied to various printing machines under various temperatures with stable viscosity. Especially, 1173 White and 134 Opaque White are excellent on adhesiveness, gloss, labeling, and whitening for screen and offset.
Main features


High gloss


standard curing  min. 120w/cm Non-metal high pressure mercury lamps or 80w/cm  metal halide lamps curing speed/min 40~50 m/min

Curing speed

varies in color, but especially black and white colors are slower than general one.
influenced by ink thickness, UV light, materials and curing distance and so on .

thinner & cleaner

thinner  exclusive thinner screen cleaner 32335


380~429 polyester yellow mesh

stencil marking emulsion

Ulano CDF 1.5/UV Emulsion film

printable area

85~120㎡ by 1kg ink

printing materials

Used for CD(PC) & DVD only

Color Shade
o. Standard 10 Color
1173 White 665 Pink
134 Opaque White 605 Violet
165 White 305 Green
205 Lemon Yellow 405 Blue
225 Deep Yellow 725 Black
505 Orange 800 Clear
565 Red matt Clear
o. Process 4 Color : SCD 2000 Yellow
SCD 3000 Magenta
SCD 5300 Cyan
SCD 9300 Black

o. Special Color : Gold, Silver, Fluorescent Color, CDR, Prinsable, Mixing Color, Fragrance Ink, Phosphorescent Ink

o. All pigments do not contain Toxic heavy metal components in accordance with EN-71, European toy examination standard.
o. The light fastness of pigment is in the range from 5~9 (wool scale).
o. It does not contain volatile solvent. Please do not use conventional solvent or thinner for UV inks.
o. Durability and resistance to each kind of chemical and solvent is very excellent.
Caution in Handling
o. Run pre-experiments before usage.
o. Please avoid contact with skin; wash out the substance as soon as possible with water and soap.
o. Please avoid contact with the light of UV hardening machine.
o. Wear a goggle to protect your eyes; wash out with saline solution and water as soon as possible.
Storing Method and Term of Validity
o. Store UV ink at a cool and darkroom(5~20℃)
o. UV ink may be cured under light, so avoid direct rays.
o. Term of validity : 1 year