※ Our all kinds of  ink is
Safety and Non-toxicity
 - It does not contain toxic substances such as carcinogen and heavy metal.
 - It does not contain toxic heavy metal components such as lead by the overseas toy test standard (Europe EN-71, U.S. ASTM. ROHS)
 -  It has high natural ignition point, so it is safe if it is not intentional incendiarism

-  Fully stir up the contents prior to use that they can be mixed well.
-  Do not mix it with other kinds of ink.
-  It may not be fit with some materials, so use it after sufficiently looking it over.
-  Use a designated diluent by all means.
-  For products requiring light-resistance and heat resistance, inquire them into the purchase shop.
-  Handle it at an air permeating spot, and keep it with its lid well closed at a designated place.
-  Keep out of reach of children. It is harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed.
-  Take notice of flames heats, and keep away from them.
-  For other inquiries, ask them to the purchase shop.
“MSDS” is available on request.

Color guide
- For the degree of color intensity, mix and control it with 810 Medium.
-  In case that the end digit (●) of color number (○○●) digits is 2 or 3, it may cause change of color when it is used in outdoors for a long time. In case of 4 or 5, it can be used in outdoors for three years or more.
-  In case of air bubbles during printing, mix 1~2g defoamers evenly and use it.
- color range : standard color 16 colors,high grade color 16 colors, process color,gold, silver, fluorescent, mixing color
Printing guide
- Dilution solvent
    * Standard solvent (10~20%) odorless solvent, 305, Kobel
    * Slow dry solvent 306 Retarder  (0~10%) 731,SM
    * Washing standard solvent, 301,303,305,Kobel
- Mesh & emulsion
    * Polyester (PET 1000) 250~305/inch
    * Nylon (PA 1000) 250~305/inch
- Emulsion Diazo type (569), Dual cure type (LX, Proclaim, Poly+S)
- Coverage are : Printing area 30~40㎡/kg
- Packing unit : Steel can 1kg, 4kg(G/A), Plastic can 17kg