KS Ink is one-component ink made by the combination of special synthetic resin and epoxy synthetic resin. It is also baking type screen printing ink useful for metals or other materials that require high solvent resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, and impact resistance. There are two types of ink defined by the level of solvent resistance and treatment: Hard type (KSA) and Soft type (KSB).
30 minute baking under 150C is a prerequisite. But, if this is difficult, two-component INO ink or YD-E ink will also make the air dry (24 hours) and 80C 10 minute possible.
They can also be used as spray-paint by spray solvents.
Main features

Ink type

Baking type. Denaturalized synthetic resin

Applicable materials

Metal, AL, Stainless steel, Zinc, nameplate, non ferrous metals


Glossy (control able to semi-gloss, non gloss by matte agent)

Drying time

Heat dry: 30 min. at 150 C
INO, YD-E 2 comp.: air dry (24 hrs) or 70~80C,10~ 20 min


Standard Solvent: DBE, IPR, low oder thinner
Spray Thinner (standard, wintertime type)

Coverage Area
and Packing

Printing area 30~40 m/kg
Kg, 4Kg (G/A), 17kg (Steal, plastic)



- Appearance: liquid with some viscosity
- Solid content: 45~70%
- Viscosity: 15,000~17,000 cPs (25 C standard)
- Specific Gravity: 0.900~1.500
- Flash point: 42~46 C
- Boiling point: 165~220 C

Mixing Ratio of Hardener ( YD-E, INO ink)

•  ratio: YD-E: ink/hardener (17%) = 830g/170g
             INO: ink/hardener (10%) = 1000g/100g
•  Mix hardener with ink, fully then use it after 10 minutes.
   The ink with hardener mixed becomes hardened after 7~8 hours, so it needs to be mixed as the amount used
    to save cost.
•  It takes 2~3 hours for drying of touch, and takes hardening hours(about 24 hours) for complete drying,
    so avoid the contact loading of printing materials within 24 hours.
•  Adhesion test is required after 24 hours, the more time passes(2~3 days), the stronger the adhesive strength
•  The rest of hardener must be used within a month, and the hardener is sealed tightly not to contact with air.

Ink film test results


Test Method


1. Adhesion

 100/100 Cross cut (1mm)


2. Hardness

 Pencil hardness 45 x 500g


3. Solvent resistance

 Soaked in gasoline, methanol, Toluene, MEK for one week

Not affected

5. Chemical resistance

 Soaked in 5% HCl for 2 days

Not affected

 Soaked in 5% NaOH for 2 days

6. Water resistance

 Soaked in water for 1 month

Not affected

7. Cold-Heat resistance

 Cycle (-40C x 2hrs 80C x 90%Rh x 2hrs) 10 times

Not affected

8. Impact resistance

 300g steel ball, 1m height

Not affected

9. Flex test

 2 mm diameter at 180

Not affected

 Test condition
  Material: aluminum plate
  Drying: 150C 30min
  Color: white

Color guide (high grade color)

105 White

625 Pink

4 color P245 Process Yellow

135 Opaque white

335 Mid green

           P445 Process Cyan

215 Lemon yellow

355 Fast green

           P545 Process Magenta

235 Mid yellow

435 Mid blue

           P745 Process Black

255 Deep yellow

455 Deep blue

Special color

515 Orange

465 Royal blue

Various silver, gold

535 Bright red

655 Violet

Various pearl (red, gold, white)

555 Deep red

715 B. black

Phosphorescent, sparkling

575 Mid red

735 Opaque black

Pantone mixing color

615 Magenta

805 Medium

Coating medium

- For the degree of color intensity, mix and control it with 805 Medium.
- In case that the end digit () of color number (ۡۡ) digits is 2 or 3, it may cause change of color when it is used
  in outdoors for a long time. In case of 4 or 5, it can be used in outdoors for three years of more.
- In case of air bubbles during printing, mix 1~2g defoamers evenly and use it.
- Color range: Standard color 20 colors
                     High grade color 20 colors

Safety and Non-toxicity

•  It does not contain toxic substances such as carcinogen and heavy metal.
•  It does not contain heavy metal components such as Lead, Cadmium by the overseas standard.
   RoHS - Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr6+, PBBs, PBDEs
•  It has high natural ignition point, so it is safe if it is not intentional incendiarism.


•  Fully stir up the contents prior to use that they can be mixed well.
•  Do not mix it with other kinds of ink.
•  It may not be fit with some materials, so use it after sufficiently looking it over.
•  Use a designated diluent by all means.
•  For products requiring light-resistance and heat resistance. Inquire them into the purchase shop.
•  Handle it at well-ventilated place, and keep it with its lid well closed at a designated place.
•  Keep out of reach of children. It is harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed.
•  Take notice of flames heats, and keep away from them.
•  For other inquiries, ask them to the purchase shop.
   MSDS is available on request.