SMI is a multipurpose ink made from the mixture of acrylic synthetic resin and pigments.It has mild scent, and it has a high efficiency in printing, adhesiveness and adaptabil to materials, as well as moisture and solvent resistance capabilities.
This ink proves to be multi-purpose ink for various plastic materials that are difficult for heat treatment. It is also considered as air drying type of ink.(SMI-G)
If adhesiveness is weak due to the surface of materials, hardener (K) is used as two-comp. ink to increase its strength in attachment. If materials require the nature of alcohol resistance, 300g load of pressure and one hundred times of rubbing are applied to the process to enhance the solvent resistance and methyl alcohol.This product uses high quality pigments, seventh to eighth level in its quality, so that it could last at least three to five years for indoor and outdoor purposes.(SMI-N)
Especially, strengthening of viscocity, covering power and transformations for PAD priting is good effects in PAD printing.


Main features

Ink type

evaporation and heat cure / denaturalized PVC and acrylic synthetic resin


screen printing and PAD printing

Applicable materials


Rigid and soft PVC, ABS, acryl, PMMA, PC, PS, PET


Rigid and soft PVC, ABS, acryl, PMMA, PC, PS, PET, Urethane Coating,
Hot stamping


gloss finish (both semi-gloss and satin finish are possible)

Drying condition

air drying : normal temperature for five to ten minutes
heat drying : 60~80, at 10 minutes

Dilution solvent

standard solvent : Xyclohexanone
retarder : IPR,Nontoxic odorless retarder

Mesh and emulsion

polyester 250~305 mesh/inch, emulsion : diazo type, dual-core

Printing area and package

printing area : 50~60/kg / 15% dilution
package : steel can - 1kg, 4kg(G/A), plastic can - 18kg


It uses high quality pigments (Level 7-8) so that it could last at least three to five years for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


- appearance : viscous fluid
- solidity (%) : 40-70%
- viscosity (cPs) : 15,000 - 17,000 cPs (at 25 )
- specific gravity : 0.900~1.500
- flash point : 65~67
- boiling point : 180~230


Hardener mixing (SMI-N)

- hardener : K hardner
- mixture ratio : ink/hardener = 1000g/100g (10%)

- Use after mixing hardener and ink well for ten minutes. Only a minute amount of hardener (5~10%) should be used;
   more  effective in mechanical mixing than manual mixing.
- Mixed ink and hardener becomes solidified after six to eight hours. Please use the appropriate amount.
- Set to touch for twenty to thirty minutes, full dry for at least 24 hours. Please avoid its attachment in 24 hours.
- Please conduct the adhesiveness test after 24 hours, and the adhesiveness will improve after two to three days.
- Use the remained hardener in a month if possible. Please keep out of the air when stored.

Color coverage

- the strength of color is adjusted by 805 medium.
- Antifoaming agent 1-2g can be added if bubble occurs.

1) color

105 White

515 Orange

135 Opaque White

525 Golden Red

215 Lemon Yellow

535 Bright Red

235 Mid Yellow

555 Deep Red

255 Deep Yellow

615 Magenta

335 Mid Green

625 Pink

355 Fast Green

655 Violet

415 Sky Blue

715 B. Black

435 Mid Blue 745 Super Black
465 Royal Blue 805 Medium

2) process 4 color

P245 : process yellow
P545 : process magenta
P445 : process cyan
P745 : process black

3) fluorescent color
4) silver color, gold color
5) sparkling color
6) special color, mixing color

Physical properties(SMI-N)

Test  items




100/100 cross cut (between 1mm)


pencil hardness

HB (Mitsubishi-Uni Pencil), 45x500g


alcohol resistance

MeOH Rubbing 300g x 100 times

Excellent (Range : 4)

acid resistance

5% HSO/ 60 , 10hrs


alkali resistance

5% NaOH / 10Hrs


heat and humidity

602 , 98 2% RH / 100 hrs

Excellent (100/100)

cooling resistance
Cycle (-40 x 2hrs 80 x 90% RH x 2hrs ) 10 times
Excellent (100/100)

humidity test

502 , 98 2% RH / 10 days

Excellent (100/100)

salt spray resistance

35, 5% NaCl / 360 hrs, under 1/16 inch


UV resistance

after 24 hours, under E=3.0 (25W x 20cm)


Items are tested and dried on ABS and PC board after 3-7 days
Test reports of weather and light resistance(535, Bright Red) are dataroom of this website.

Safety and toxic test

- Carcinogenic, heavy metals, or other toxic materials are not found.
- Experiments by foreign countries, Europe(EN-71) and United States (ASTM), prove that lead, cadmium, heavy metal
  are not found.
- High ignition point prevents potential fire.


- Please mix well before using.
- Do not mix the ink with other types of ink.
- Some materials are not applicable; please check the materials before using.
- Please use the designated solvent
- Contact the store if products require high heat or light resistance.
- Keep out of reach and sight of children.
- Please watch for fire.
- Please direct any other inquiries to the store or refer to MSDS.