D-one Ink (Process 4 Color Ink)

[Process Ink] is the printing ink that is most demanded in industry. It has four basic colors : yellow, red, blue , and black. Practically, maintaining rich colors by each ink is an impossible task for most corporations. To counter this shortcoming, the accepted way to reproduce the original colors is dividing four sheet s of printing plates i n the process of color decomposition, net photographing, and double printing.

[Process Ink], with its adaptabilities in nature, use three basic colors : Y (Yellow), M (Magenta), and C (Cyan). Combination of two colors produce the red (Y+M), green (Y+C), and blue(C+M) colors. All colors in mixture produce black (Y+M+C). In reality, all colors in mixture would not produce solid black color, which could later be supplemented with extra black inks to produce black ink in entirety.

[Process Ink] has more excellent weathering and light resistance in screen printing than that of other types of inks. It is widely used in outdoor advertisement and utilized in various color printing processes.

Characteristics of the process ink are marked for the following reasons : 1) Excellent weathering and light resistance with strong color, 2) no spreads , 3) superb coloration and covering power, 4) no color change in outdoor at a minimum of three years and distinguished attachment power, and 5) efficient workability.